Grab the Deal: Amazon’s Echo Show 5 at 50% Discount During Great Indian Festival 2023

Hello, savvy shoppers! As you all may know the Amazon Great Indian Festival 2023 is around the corner, we have an exciting piece of news for you. If you were looking to buy a smart speaker, Amazon has got you covered. The company is giving substantial discounts on the Amazon Echo Show 5 2nd Gen smart display – a whopping 50-percent off! Originally launched in 2019, this device can make a fantastic addition to your smart home ensemble.

Imagine having a personal assistant at your fingertips, not just in voice but with a vibrant display to enhance your experience. The Echo Show 5 features a 5.5″ screen that allows you to use it as an additional entertainment device. You can watch your favorite movies and TV shows from Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. There is also a built-in camera that allows you to remotely keep an eye on your home using the Alexa app.

The Amazon Echo Show 5 smart display isn’t just about entertainment; it’s also useful for hands-free video calling. Concerned about privacy? No worries—just like other Alexa devices, you can easily turn off the microphone, and there’s a convenient camera shutter for added security. The smart home device is available in three color options – Black, White and Blue.

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At the moment, the Amazon Echo Show 5 is priced at ₹9,000, but the real deal comes during the Amazon Great Indian Festival after October 8th, where you can seize this smart display for ₹4,499, according to the press release. And if you need a bigger display, you can go for Echo Show 8 (2nd Gen) with 8″ HD screen and 13 MP camera for ₹8,499 (flat 40% off) during the sale.