5 Best Motion Sensor Lights to Buy from Amazon India

10 Best Motion Sensor Lights to Buy from Amazon India

Motion sensing bulbs are useful light fixtures for homes. You simply plug them in and they are ready to illuminate your path at night whenever you come in their range. Imagine having a motion sensor light bulb in your yard so whenever you step into your yard during night, the bulb will turn on itself and turn off after some time when no motion is detected. You won’t even need to press a button.

The motion sensor lights will not only provide convenience and help save on electricity bills but they can also be a hassle with pets around the home or in the day time when they are not required at all. You need to place these bulbs at right the places; some points where you visit only in the night time or a dark part of your home with any sunlight. For example, your laundry room can be a perfect place for motion sensing lights.

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The range of motion sensor, color and wattage are some common features of motion sensor light bulbs. You should also investigate the time the bulb takes to turn on and also the duration it will stay turned on after the last movement. Whether the bulbs also light up in daylight or not.

If you are looking to buy motion sensor light bulbs online in India, there are a limited number of choices and we have listed the best ones you can buy from Amazon India. So keep scrolling:

Best motion sensor light bulbs

Orient Motion Sensor Light Bulb

Orient Electric Motion Sensor Bulb
Image: Amazon

It is a 10W LED light bulb with a motion sensor for touch free operation. The bulb is of cool daylight color that is very bright and more than sufficient for a 12 x 12 feet room. Its sensor covers up to 10-15 meters of distance. Orient motion sensor light bulbs come with a warranty of 1 year.

Price: ₹345

Halonix Prime Radar Sensor Bulb

Image: Amazon

This 10W LED light bulb has a radar motion sensor turns on light automatically on and turns off after one min if no motion is detected. It stays off during day and auto off after one minute. The product comes with a one year warranty.

Price: ₹344

Syska Electric Motion Sensor Bulb

Image: Amazon

This 10W radar motion sensor led bulb has a range of up to 5 meters. The bulb has 15 feet of range and turns on within 5 seconds after detecting movement and will turn off after 2 minutes. It will also not work during the day when natural sunlight is there. The product has one year manufacturer warranty.

Price: ₹369

IFITech LED Light Bulb with Motion Sensor

5 Best Motion Sensor Lights to Buy from Amazon India
Image: Amazon

This 10W cool white bulb lights up when it detects movement in 8ft-10ft range. The bulb will not switch on when there is daylight which will save energy. It will light up for 3 min after detecting motion. You can use indoors or in a covered outdoor place. The product comes with a one year warranty for all manufacturing defects.

Price: ₹799

OCT X Motion Sensor LED Bulb

Image: Amazon

This cool white motion sensor light bulb is available in 10W model. The bulb will get on automatically as soon as motion is detected and switch off when no motion is detected. It will not work in daylight. The product has a one year warranty.

Price: ₹335

Panasonic Motion Sensor Bulb

5 Best Motion Sensor Lights to Buy from Amazon India
Image: Amazon

It is a pack of 3 Cool Day White motion 9W LED light bulbs. The bulb has a radar motion sensor with a range of 3 meters to get turned on automatically with movement. There is no context of warranty on the listing.

Price: ₹435

Havells Sensolite LED Bulb

Havells Sensolite LED Bulb
Image: Amazon

It is a pack of four 9W motion sensor bulbs with a detection range of 5 meters. The bulb automatically gets on if anyone person gets into that room and gets off after 1 minute.  It comes with one year warranty.

Price: ₹1,195

Other Motion Sensor Lights to Buy in India

Quace Motion Sensor Waterproof LED Light Strip

Image: Amazon

Powered by 4 AAA batteries, this LED strip with adhesive can be mounted wherever you need extra light. It is perfect for installing under bed, wardrobes, etc. The light also comes with a remote control, with ON/OFF button on the top and the Man/Auto switch on the side.

Price: ₹575

Philips Motion Sensor 20W LED Tubelight

Image: Amazon

The Philips 3ft motion sensing LED batten lights up on sensing movement within a 4m of distance, and switches to eco mode in 2 minutes in absence of any movement and turns off after 3 minutes. It also comes up with eye comfort technology for additional safety. The tubelight does not turn on in day light.

Price: ₹739

VROKLA Rechargeable Motion Sensor Light

Image: Amazon

The VROKLA motion sensor light automatically turn on when motion is detected within a 5-10 ft. range, automatically powers off after 15-20 seconds of inactivity. Packed with 400mAh lithium rechargeable battery, the lamp can run for two hours. With 6 bright LEDs, it provides up to 60 lumens output. It comes with a USB cable for charging the device.

Price: ₹349