BEST Scented Candles in India

20+ Best Scented Candles to Buy from Amazon India

Scented candles have gained popularity in India in recent years, as they serve not only as a symbol of celebration but also as a way to uplift the mood and enhance home décor. When you want to feel like sitting outdoors in your bedroom, scented candles can be a great option to fill your home with the natural freshness of nature. There are various kinds of fragrance candles available in India so we suggest going for your favorite scent. Consider the design, material, weight and burning time before buying a scented candle.

If you are looking to buy online, we have compiled a list of the best scented candles available on Amazon India in 2024. The list includes products from different brands and you can explore their pages more.

The Philotree Scented Soy Candles (400g) (3 scent choices)

The Philotree Scented Soy Candles best in india
Image: Amazon

This glass jar soy wax candle comes with a cork lid for a contemporary look. There are three fragrance choices: Woody Himalayan Mist, Beachy Bora Bora and Passion Fruit. It has a burn time of approx. 40 hours and is suitable for room size up to 250-300sq.ft.

Price: ₹1,495 (Pack of 3)

Song of India Wax Jar Candle (350g) (6 scent choices)

Song of India Wax Jar Candle
Image: Amazon

This scented candle jar uses a lead-free cotton wick. You can choose the scent from French Lavender, Honeysuckle, Ivory Musk, Lily of the Valley, Neroli Bergamot and Sea Breeze. Each candle can burn for up to 30 hours. Its fragrance will stay for longer.

Price: ₹575 (Pack of 1)

EKAM Zodiac Sign Scented Candles (199g) (12 scent choices)

EKAM Zodiac Sign Scented Candle
Image: Amazon

Celebrate your zodiac sign, and fun scents with EKAM scented candles that represents a zodiac sign. The fragrance are Aries, Cancer, Capricorn, Gemini, Leo, Pisces, Saggitarius, Scorpio, Taurus, and Virgo.  The candle has 30 hours of burn time. They can also be a cool gift item.

Price: ₹699 (Pack of 1)

Bryan & Candy Scented Candle Set Scented Candle (368g)

Bryan & Candy Scented Candle Set Scented Candle
Image: Amazon

These 3-wick aromatherapy candles are made from vegan soy wax and essential oils. With charming pattern on the tin container, the candles will add charming vibe into any space, whether office or home. The scents are White Tea & Ginger, and Blueberry Ice. 

Price: ₹1,200 (Pack of 2)

MINISO Scented Candle (150g) (8 scent choices)

MINISO Scented Candle in india
Image: Amazon

Freshen your home with MINISO scented candle is available colored glass jars. You can choose from Black Floral, Fruity Wonderland, White Elegant Rose, Pink Rose Charming & Black Floral Bouquet, etc. Each piece has 36 hours of burning time.

Price: ₹460 (Pack of 2)

Bella Vita Soy Wax Candle (240g)

Bella Vita Soy Wax Candle new
Image: Amazon

This soy wax scented candle set of our comes in Vanilla, Cinnamon, Lavender & Rose fragrances that will provide a feeling of happiness and relaxation in your home. Made from natural ingredients, it can burn for 30 to 35 hours.

Price: ₹325

ThinkArtDecor Scented Candle (540g) (7 scent choices)

ThinkArtDecor Scented Candle
Image: Amazon

This votive candle and tealights can be used at home or offices for an exotic and rich fragrance. You can choose from seven fragrances. The maximum burning time is 35 hours. You have to burn for a minimum of three hours to avoid tunneling and also trim the wick for longevity.

Price: ₹399 (Pack of 1)

Divine Senses Beeswax Scented Candle (560g)

Divine Senses Beeswax Scented Candle
Image: Amazon

This candle comes in black and white glass jars. Each piece combines two or more mood-lifting aromas. There are a total of 16 choices, including Caramel & Plum, Cinnamon Vanilla &  Apple, Peach & Cranberry, Vanilla & Lavender, etc. It comes with a with wooden cap that gives it a cool look. The operating time is about 40 hours.

Price: ₹525 (Pack of 1)

Omved Vegan Scented Candle (420g)

Omved Vegan Scented Candle
Image: Amazon

This 100-percent natural, aromatic soy wax candle contains essential oil of Sandalwood which will uplift the mood. The candle lasts up to 35 hours and jar is reusable.

Price: ₹749 (Pack of 1)

VEEDAA Tin Scented Candle (300g)

VEEDAA Tin Scented Candle
Image: Amazon

This Bulgarian Lavender scented tin can candle comprises the blend of soy wax and essential oils along with two pure cotton wicks. It has 25 hours of burn time. Once finished, you can use the jar for keeping jewelry and other small things.

Price: ₹800 (Pack of 1)

EM5 Jar Candle (60g) (10+ scents)

EM5 Jar Candle
Image: Amazon

This cinnamon vanilla scented candle comes in a black glass jar. The soothing fragrance will help you add a relaxing ambiance in living room or bedroom for up to 16 hours. It is a perfect gift idea for any special occasion.

Price: ₹219 (Pack of 1)

WiseLife Organics Scented Candles (200g) (4 scent choices)

WiseLife Organics Scented Candles_111
Image: Amazon

Infuse your home with a delightful fragrance with scented candles from WiseLife Organics. It come in classic glass jars with tight caps that do not let the original fragrance lose. The burn time is up to 18 hours. There are four choices of fragrances.

Price: ₹291 (Pack of 1)

DeBelle Tin Can Scented Candles (80g) (6 scent choices)

DeBelle Tin Can Scented Candle
Image: Amazon

DeBelle 3-wick scented candles come in classic metal jars that can be reused for storage. They provide 14 hours of burn time and are available in six varieties including Oudh Jasmine, Lavender, Yuzu Rose, etc.

Price: ₹345 (Pack of 1)

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Eliora Vanilla Scented Natural Wax Candle (280g)

eliora scented candle best in india
Image: Amazon

This vanilla scented natural wax candle jar will spread sweet fragrance across your living space. Each candle has burn time of approx 30 hours. Its fragrance is floral mild and has a moderate throw.

Price: ₹250 (Pack of 1)

Pure Source India Scented Candle Jar (499g)

Pure Source India Scented Candle Jar
Image: Amazon

These candles come in a glass jar with a lid. Jasmine White scent will bring a hint of freshness into your home. Ideal for small spaces, the candle set has a burning time of 20 hours. You should close the jar when not using the candle to preserve the scent.

Price: ₹499 (Pack of 3)

Candles in Earthen Pots by Marichi (80g) (6 scent choices)

Candles in Earthen Pots by Marichi
Image: Amazon

Hand poured in earthen pots, these candles are perfect for yoga and meditation. Each scented candle can burn for 14-16 hours. You can choose from Ylang Ylang, Jasmine, Oud, Rose, etc. Use the pretty pots to plant succulent after use.

Price: ₹325

Palatial Lifestyles Aromatherapy Candles (420g) (6 scent choices)

Palatial Lifestyles Aromatherapy Candles
Image: Amazon

This set of mini glass candles candles will help you prepare your home for guests. The candle has a burn time of approx. up to 10 hours. Each set has Rose, Lavender, Jasmine, Apple Cinnamon, Lemon Grass, and Ocean Breeze fragrances. It is a made in India product. 

Price: ₹389 (Pack of 6)

DecDoor Scented Candles (490g) (6 scent choices)

DecDoor Scented Candles
Image: Amazon

This scented jar candle set will help you create a pleasant desired environment inside your home. Each jar candle offers maximum five hours of burning time. There are Vanilla, Jasmine, Sandalwood, Mini Rose, Lavender, and Lemon Grass fragrances in each pack.

Price: ₹339 (Pack of 6)

Aromahpure Glass Jar Scented Candle (305g)

Aromahpure Glass Jar Scented Candle
Image: Amazon

It is an all-season, rose scented candle with pink colored wax and there is also an option for lavender scent. This soy wax candle offers 45 hours of burn time. These aroma candles will help you create the most soothing and rejuvenating environment.

Price: ₹226

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Wrapped Up Love Vanilla Candles (440g) (3 scent choices)

Wrapped Up Love Vanilla Candles
Image: Amazon

These paraffin wax aromatic candles come in glass jars with black caps. Each pack includes Marine Melody, Roasted Coffee, and Vanilla Musk scents. They will uplift the overall atmosphere!

Price: ₹477 (Pack of 3)

HosleyTropical Mist Scented Candle (510g)

Hosley Scented Candles in India
Image: Amazon

It is a 18 Oz jar candle with Tropical Mist scent will be your companion for a long time. The jar will last for Approx. 100 hours. Hosley also offers other fragrances.

Price: ₹576 (Pack of 1)

Yankee Candle’s Large Scented Candle in Lamp Shape (623g)

Yankee Candle’s Large Scented Candle in Lamp Shape
Image: Amazon

Introduce a seductively lush perfume of Midnight Jasmine into your bedroom. This glass jar scented candle has up to 150 hours of burn time.

Price: ₹2,184

Crossroads Mama’s Sweet Tea Scented 2-Wick Candle (737g)

Crossroads Mama's Sweet Tea Scented 2-Wick Candle
Image: Amazon

This made in the USA candle is made using blended paraffin wax. It is ideal for winters and rainy seasons.

Price: ₹5,442

Comparison of Best Scented Candles Online in India

BrandScent(s)WeightBurn Time
Philotree 3 choices400g40 hours
Song of India6 choices350g50 hours
EKAM 10 choices199g30 hours
Bryan & Candy2 choices184g*228 hours
MINISO2 choices150g*235 hours
Bella Vita6 choices60g*415 hours
ThinkArtDecor 7 choices540g35 hours
Divine Senses 15+ choices200g40 hours
Omved1 choice420g35 hours
VEEDAA5+ choices300g25 hours
EM5 10+ choices60g45 hours
WiseLife4 choices80g18 hours
DeBelle6 choices80g14 hours
Eliora 1 choice280g30 hours
Pure Source India 1 choice500g20 hours
MARICHI4 choices75g*336 hours
Palatial Lifestyles4 choices420g10 hours
DecDoor6 choices450g6 hours
Aromahpure2 choices305g45 hours
Wrapped up Love3 choices65g*312 hours