best Rangoli Designs for Diwali Decoration

15 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Rangoli Design Inspiration

Diwali, the festival of lights brings a lot of excitement, joy, and prosperity. Decorating the house is a very important part of the festival that all of us indulge in gladly. The Diwali decorations start from cleaning of the house and then adding up flower garlands, torans, diyas, and light strings, and other decorations. There is also a tradition of making Rangolis at home or office on Diwali.

Rangolis are colorful patterns and designs, which are used to decorate the floor during a special event. It is a form of folk art that has been a part of Indian culture for a long time. A variety of ingredients can be used to create a Rangoli including rice powder, salt, lentils, and dry colors.

Create a warm welcome at your home by crafting an attractive rangoli design at the entrance. This inviting sign not only enhances your space but also brings positive energy. Need inspiration? Check out some unique Rangoli designs curated from Instagram.

Unfold lavish blessings with divine elegance of Goddess Lakshmi’s Footprint rangoli, crafted by Rangoli Nation

Goddess Laxmi Footprint Rangoli Design by Rangoli Nation
Image: Instagram @rangoli_nation

Triveni Art Gallery’s Diwali rangoli: Goddess Lakshmi’s Footprint, adorned with flowers and leaves

Rangoli design with Goddess Laxmi Foorprint, Flowers and Leaves by Triveni Art Gallery
Image: Instagram

Rangoli adorned with diya, words, and patterns by Sangeeta’s Art

Rangoli with Diya, words and beautiful patterns by Art by Sangeeta
Image: Instagram @artbysangeeta

Rangoli adorned with multiple diyas and patterns by Dheepika Rangolis

Rangoli Design with Multiple Diyas and Patterns
Image: Instagram @dheepiika_rangolis

Bhatkhande Rangolis’ Diya rangoli: a splash of color and creativity

Colorful Diya Rangoli Design by Bhatkhande Rangolis
Image: Instagram @bhatkhande_rangolis

Varsha’s Diwali rangoli: a festive fusion of tradition and artistry

Diwali Rangoli Decoration by Varsha
Image: Instagram @varsha_rangoli

Radhika’s Happy Diwali rangoli shines with the glow of diyas and the vibrancy of flowers

Happy Diwali Rangoli with Flowers and Diya by Radhika
Image: Instagram @radhikarangoli

Shanthi Sridharan crafts a mesmerizing Mandala rangoli

Mandala Rangoli by Shanthi Sridharan
Image: Instagram @kolam.shanthisridharan

A simple yet artful Diwali Kolam by Suja’s Creative Collections

Diwali Kolam Decoration by Suja's Creative Collections
Image: Instagram @sujascreativecollections

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Colorful rangoli featuring a flower border design by Sneha J

Colorful Festival Rangoli with Flower Border Design by Sneha J
Image: Instagram @rangolibysnehaj

Karishma Arun Dighore’s rangoli with ‘Shubh Dipawali’ greetings

Rangoli with "Shubh Dipawali" Wordings by Karishma Arun Dighore
Image: Instagram @kd_gallery_rangoli

Revathi shares an easy-to-create Diwali rangoli in white and red hues, perfect for beginners

Simple White and Red Diwali Rangoli for Beginners by Revathi
Image: Instagram @rangolibyrevathi

Menaka’s rangoli: fusion of rice and colors

Rangoli Design with Rice and Colors by Menaka
Image: Instagram @rangoli_by_menaka

Intricately patterned rangoli design by Jyoti Rathod

Intricately Patterned Rangoli Design by Jyoti Rathod
Image: Instagram @rangolibyjyotirathod

Manjusha’s unique rangoli design is a creative floral masterpiece

Unique Flower Rangoli Design by Manjusha
Image: Instagram @s.a.m.a.g.n.i