10+ Wind Chimes You can Buy Online from Amazon India in 2020

10+ Wind Chimes You can Buy Online from Amazon India in 2020

Balcony is an open place outside a home or apartment, usually meant for homeowners to soak natural light and absorb fresh air. It should be a comfy place where you can spend the whole of the day happily.

You can easily elevate your balcony décor with furniture, plants, lights and other decorative pieces, however, wind chimes can also be a great addition that bring soothing music to your balcony when wind blows.

Wind chimes not only look beautiful but also sound wonderful. You can find a variety of wind chimes in the market and in different online stores. They come in different materials, which you should consider carefully.

Go for metal wind chimes if you are looking for the one that produces pleasant sound effects. The ones made from terracotta and wood would not produce that much sound.

Want to buy one but confused among the varied choices? We have compiled a list of the best wind chimes you can buy online from Amazon India. Hope you would get the desired one from the following:

This wood and metal wind chime from Craft Expertise comes with 4 metal bells and a heart symbol on top and bottom.

USP: Low price and good quality. Someone has reviewed that it needs strong winds to create a proper chiming sound. The golden finish makes it look kind of fancy. It has a rating of 4.1 stars.

Price: ₹150

Craft Expertise wood and metal wind chime
Image: Amazon

# This 45cm wind chime sold by Cliff Craft comes with metal bells that swing in breeze and make nice sounds. The bells are hand-painted in bright reds, yellows and greens, making them an attractive décor piece. The red strings with colorful beads complete the look.

USP: Its price is reasonable, one of the main factor people consider while buying anything. No reviews yet.

Price: ₹199

Cliff Craft wind chime buy online India
Image: Amazon

# This 77cm wind chime from DreamKraft is made of paper mache and wood. It features small parrots and small gold-colored bells to make sound with blowing wind. The strings with beads in red, yellow and green blend into the overall color palette pretty well.

USP: Its creative design with elegant colors makes it a good product. No detailed reviews yet. DreamKraft also offers many other types of wind chimes. The reviews are positive, however, it is recommended to ask the seller about the sound quality earlier.

Price: ₹239

DreamKraft wind chime
Image: Amazon

# This 20-inch wind chime from Lilone Gifts features an Eiffel Tower at its top, making it a perfect gift for any loved one. It has 5 copper bells that offer sweet sound. Place it in your balcony or inside your home as a decorative piece.

USP: You can get the Eiffel Tower wind chime at many stores, even in lesser price, but keep in mind that Lilone Gifts is a well known name. The customer reviews are average, ranging from positive experiences to negative ones. Some reviewers have complained about the quality of threads.

Price: ₹289

Lilone Gifts eifel tower wind chime
Image: Amazon

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# This wind chime with eight ceramic bells from Tomar Trading will look great indoors or in a balcony. The multi-color bells will not only improve the balcony décor but also make a soothing sound with a breeze of wind.

USP: It is among Amazon’s New Releases. Most probably, you will not find such beautiful looking wind chime anywhere else. As per a reviewer, it produces less sound that can be a matter of concern.

Price: ₹369

Tomar Trading ceramic wind chime
Image: Amazon

# Ryme offers different kinds of religious wind chimes. You can also buy a pair of two. One of them has 5 golden-colored pipes and the other one consists of Om symbols and Rudraksha.

USP: The low price makes it definitely a tempting offer. The ratings are also up to the mark.

Price: ₹399

Ryme OM wind chiimes
Image: Amazon

# Looking like a hanging decorative piece, the Raaya wind chime has small metal bells that will produce sound as wind blows. There is also a big colorful bell at the top and even an OM symbol in the center.

USP: A latest wind chime you can buy in 2020. Its sound quality need to be under debate. No reviews yet.

Price: ₹497

Raaya Wind Chimes
Image: Amazon

# This modern metal wind chime from ExclusiveLane has 5 colorful hand-painted bells. There is a loop on the top to easily hang it in balcony. It will be a piece of attraction for passersby.

USP: The elegant design and colors will give a luxurious look to outdoor space. No recent reviews, means people have less interested in it. ExclusiveLane has more offerings, check them out too.

Price: ₹539

ExclusiveLane metal wind chime
Image: Amazon

# This 55cm wind chime from CALDIPREE has 9 shiny copper bells stringed in black thread with colorful beads. There is a small wooden house at the top, enhancing the look. You can hang it anywhere you want metal accents and tinkling music.

USP: CALDIPREE offers a wide range of metal wind chimes, you can check them out. There aren’t many ratings, but the overall response is good.

Price: ₹587

CALDIPREE wind chime
Image: Amazon

# This colorful, 24-inch metal wind chime from PARADIGM PICTURES is one of the most beautiful offerings you can find online. It consists of 7 colorful aluminum pipes that are hung on a wooden base. Perfect item to add colors and pleasing sounds to balcony.

USP: Its most recent reviews are positive. Many reviewers have praised its vibrant colors. PARADIGM PICTURES also offers many other metal wind chimes that are popular among people. It’s an Amazon’s Choice product with 4.5 stars.

Price: ₹599

10+ Wind Chimes You can Buy Online from Amazon India in 2020
Image: Amazon

# Exotic Art’s metal wind chime is sure to fascinate with its raw and rustic design. Each piece measures 18.5-inches long and consists of 4 wrought and cast iron cow bells in a rustic antique brass finish. The bells stringed up in a rope complete the look.

USP: Simple yet cool metal wind chime. The ratings indicate value for money with the product.

Price: ₹599

10+ Wind Chimes You can Buy Online from Amazon India in 2020
Image: Amazon

# A very unique wind chime, featuring a glass-like aesthetics. There are metal pipes in the center for creating twinkling sounds and also dolphins for enhancing the look. There isn’t much information available about the product.

USP: It is a newly listed product on Amazon. You will also get many other relevant suggestions, when watching the product on website! One customer has reviewed it the best option available in the market.

Price: ₹600

10+ Wind Chimes You can Buy Online from Amazon India in 2020
Image: Amazon