Make Your Own Beautiful Planter Box with Ceramic Tiles

DIY: How to Make Unique Planter Box from Ceramic Tiles

There are a plethora of flower pots available in the market but getting crafty is always a cool way out! If you are looking for a quick and inexpensive way to make a stylish flower pot, you can definitely try making one using ceramic tiles. You can use tiles to make beautiful pots that can even be used as planter boxes!

It is quite common to have some leftover tiles from home renovation projects, and this DIY project will help you utilize them in your home decor. You can make different sizes of planters per availability of tiles – the only requirement is glue that can hold the tile pieces together and take the weight of soil. A construction adhesive will do this purpose.

You will need five pieces of tiles to make one planter – four for upper sides and one for the bottom. It is not recommended to get bigger for planter walls as it will increase the chances of breakage. If making a planter box, you can leave the bottom open and use a plastic bottle planter inside it.

You just need to glue up tiles together – the basic rule is to get tile pieces that can form up the square or rectangle shape of a planter box. Two tiles can be glued together to make pieces for a bigger planter. You would need some help to hold the tiles up while applying adhesive to form the box shape.

Once the gluing job for the box is done, place some heavy objects around its sides to support the bond and let it dry overnight. Then, use a piece of sandpaper to sand off any extra glue.

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Thereafter, you can plant your favorite flowers into it but remember it will gradually leak water from joints so better to place it outdoors. It can also be used like a planter box – this way there will be no spillage and can even be placed indoors. You can use a plastic bottle to make an eco-friendly, makeshift planter for the planter box.

Making flower pots from tiles is quite easy and can be a fun weekend project. Planters made from tiles will bring a colorful and elegant look at home. Plant loving DIYers should give it a try someday!

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