How to Choose Wall Art for Your Living Room

How to Choose Wall Art for Your Living Room

The way you decorate your living room tells a lot about your personality as well as lifestyle. So, you have to think smart and consider the things you display in your home carefully, especially the wall-mounted art pieces. However, it can be challenging to decide which piece will suit your living room or bedroom.

Wall art is not just an element of interior decor but also an investment. A small mistake can make you feel embarrassed for years! It would be a property that you are not willing to display and also don’t want to keep in a box being a pricey item.

There are plenty of artworks available in the market which makes the task even more difficult. In simple words, a wall art either complements or contrasts your home décor. It should be the right combination of colors, patterns and theme but you can always go for your personal taste.

In this article, we will be apprising you with some basic things you need to know before buying an artwork for your living room.

Why is wall art important for interior design?

You may load your living room with as many as modern furnishings but its décor isn’t complete until the walls are bare. Wall art is an important home décor element that helps you add character to any space. It serves as a focal point in space.

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Tips to Choose the Perfect Artwork for Your Living Room

Listen to Your Heart: Art is subjective and doesn’t follow any sigma rules, so your choice should not be constrained in any way. Go for the ones you like personally or they have potential to initiate interesting conversations. You have full liberty to show off some eclectic or bizarre art on the walls until you think it represents your personal taste.

Choose something that speaks to you through color, composition and texture. You can also dig into various genres like abstract, contemporary or folk art. If you are not familiar with art styles, you can always take some help from the internet.

Size: Prior to getting your hands on an art piece, you must visualize it in the space where you will be displaying it. The size of the wall must be considered thoughtfully before buying a wall art. As a general rule, a wall art should take up 60-percent to 75-percent of the available wall space.

Style: When choosing wall décor, you need the artwork that grabs the attention and compliments the overall decor. The wall art should match your interior color scheme. You can also use the color wheel theory to determine what colors complement each other, which will help you to choose the art that fits into the color scheme of your home. But don’t let colors confine your choice. Usually, black and white wall art pieces highlight themselves well in plain light colored walls.

Furniture: The wall art should also support the home furniture. In most cases, wall art is placed above a sofa so you should also consider its dimensions. You can also use furnishings such as bed sheets, duvets, and curtains to create a harmony between the living space and wall art.

Framing: Be it a painting on a canvas, a print or a photograph; always try to get a statement frame. They can improve the overall look of the art piece and help make it a center of attraction in the room. Consider different materials and colors for wall art frames.

Mix and Match: You can try to mix and match different types of artworks and even create a gallery wall. Whichever style you may opt; always remember that you should be making a spectacular display on the wall.

If you are an art lover, you may know that every artwork has a distinct style and story to tell. Artworks convey a lot about the personality of a homeowner. You can choose wall art from different styles, shapes and sizes according to your space.

Secondary Market: Something that is junk for someone can be a perfect artwork for you. Keep searching local markets or auction websites for some second-hand art pieces. They won’t cost you a fortune and would make a cool addition to your art collection.

Know the Artist: If you like paintings or photographs, it is always wise to know who the artist is. This way, you can understand the content and context of that particular art piece. You can also check out their other works to recognize their style and make an informed decision.

There are various online art galleries as well as social media platforms Google and Instagram that can help you find that information. You can always opt for a big international name, an emerging artist or support a local artist. Decide what you want and browse as per your requirement and budget.

Commission an artist: If you are facing difficulty in finding the right artwork for your living room, it is the best option to take help from an interior designer or artist.