QUEO SmarTap Smart Shower System Launched in India

QUEO SmarTap Smart Shower System Launched in India

The luxury bathroom products brand ‘QUEO’ of India’s leading Sanitaryware Company HSIL Ltd. has recently launched its SmarTap smart shower system in India. This latest offering from QUEO is designed to create a smart shower that can be controlled with voice commands to Amazon Echo or Google Assistant, through the companion smartphone app or onboard controllers. Plus, it can play music to offer a multi-sensory showering experience.

QUEO SmarTap offers a perfect flow of water, at the exact right temperature by making use of modern technology. There are three Outlet Controls: wetness of mist, a tropical downpour and thrill of a roaring jet stream to tune the shower accordingly. Users can also configure various bathing scenarios according to their personal preferences through the mobile app.

QUEO SmarTap learns users’ bathing patterns and offers the most favored showering scenario at every visit. It also notifies if there is any deviation from regular patterns. Furthermore, it allows limiting the maximum temperature during bathing for safety purposes.

A personalized spa-like shower program can also be created with this tech-fused bathroom equipment. It can control shower, bath and sink to create a beautifully synchronized bathroom. Gadget Bridge noted that QUEO SmarTap is priced at ₹2,00,125.

QUEO SmarTap Smart Shower System Launched in India
Image: QUEO

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