How to Make Mosaic Flower Pot from Broken China

You can Use Broken China to Do Mosaic on Flower Pots

Do you love mosaics? If yes, this post is for you! We have an inclination for homemade things so sharing with you a DIY way to infuse mosaics into your home. China plates and cups are delightful to use but when broken are thrown away usually.

This not goes the same for all – some creative minds make use of shattered ceramic dishes as a decorative element for indoor planters. Yes, we are taking about a DIY planter with mosaics that you can make easily using broken china. However, the list goes on from flower pot to tabletop and mosaic birdbath to featured wall, and so on.

The main supply for the project is colorful and differently shaped tiles of broken china. Plates and dishes in a uniform color would come in handy while making tiles to put on a planter. You can also use wall or floor tiles but remember tiles with flat surface work best.

Once you see the final result, you might even be tempted to break some china plates to create more of these mosaic planters. Broken ceramic pieces should be handled carefully as they have sharp edges.

Creating tiles from broken china is the main job that will need tools and hours of time. Embellishing the flower pot with tiles won’t be that tough. You just need to stick the broken china tiles as a layer over the planter with help of tile adhesive or grout.

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The mosaic planter will be ready for use after the grout has dried up and stricken to the planter surface securely. It can be planted with any indoor plant – as it will be a self-made piece of art that you will take pride to show off inside your home.

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